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Make sure your loved ones get exactly what you leave them with during probate

Have Brent McPeek Esq. assist with all the steps of probate, from estate planning to the court-guided distribution. Schedule your flexible appointment today!

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What is probate law?

After you draft a will or allow the government to determine where your assets will go, probate law comes into play. Probate is the court-supervised distribution of money, property, and assets as laid out in your will. The probate allows for a full and fair valuation and distribution of your estate, making sure everyone listed in your will receives what they are left with upon/after your death. It is required by Florida law that all estates have a probate attorney assist with the administration of said estate. Let the over 20 years of professional experience of Brent McPeek, Esq. help guide your family through the probate process.

We have experience dealing with all aspects of probate law:

  • Florida Formal. Summary, and Ancillary probate administration and litigation
  • Preparation of the federal and state estate tax returns as well as audits
  • Asset distribution
  • Beneficiary rights under a will or trust
  • Representation of Personal Representatives, heirs, and creditors
  • Preparation and audits of estate and gift tax returns
  • Post-mortem tax planning and complex estate planning
  • Representing trustees in the administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts

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