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    Get experienced help for all your legal needs with A. Brent McPeek, Esq., a former state prosecuter with over 20 years of legal representation

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Give your family something when you’re gone

Don’t let the government determine where your assets and money will go! Plan ahead for your family and loved ones:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Trust
A. Brent McPeek

The right lawyer can make a big difference

A criminal charge can really impact your life negatively. Luckily, the right defense attorney can help change your life for the better. Get legal support for all sorts of criminal charges, like DUI's, misdemeanors, juvenile criminal law and felonies.

Legal support for all of your family needs

Divorce, separation, and child custody are daunting tasks to take on alone during an emotional time. Have Brent McPeek, Esq. provide guidance through all of your family turmoil.

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