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What exactly is estate planning and why is it important?

Do you own a home, have some savings stashed away, own any luxury or personal goods? Then you most certainly have an estate. Estate planning allows you to develop your own plans for the conservation, protection, and distribution of your assets before and after death. If you do not plan now, the government will make the decisions for you following your death. Your loved ones will miss out on the benefits of your financial planning and lose the family heirlooms you’ve worked so hard to create. Protect these assets for the well being of your surviving loved ones through estate planning with the help of Brent McPeek, Esq.

During your consultation with Brent McPeek, he will analyze your estate, including a comprehensive study of your assets. He will also learn more about you, your family, and your personal goals so that together you can create the best estate structure for your individual situation. After your initial consultation, Brent McPeek  Esq., will discuss a draft of your estate plan documents in full detail. When all of the details are finally ironed out, you will come into our office for your Signing Ceremony. When you sign off on your estate documents, everything becomes final. You will receive an “Estate Planning Portfolio” containing all of your essential documents for safekeeping.

Estate planning with expertise

Brent McPeek, Esq., of Venice, FL and surrounding areas welcomes the opportunity to discuss your plan for the disposition of your estate, to draft documents that assure that your intentions are carried out just the way you want them.

  • Wealth preservation strategies, including revocable living trusts
  • Simple estate planning
  • Complex estate planning
  • Business succession planning

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